High-resolution vision in all circumstances

BlaxtairView® is a robust, efficient backup camera for professional vehicles working in difficult environments.

Compatible with the Blaxtair system, the BlaxtairView can combine images from 1 to 4 cameras on the cabin’s one single control screen to offer high-resolution color images for optimal visibility in blind areas.

Designed for all kinds of professional machinery, the BlaxtairView wide field of view camera can be fitted to :

  • trucks, vans
  • all sorts of work site vehicles: dumpsters, feeders, forklifts, excavators, graders, compactors...
  • agricultural machinery: tractors, harvesters...
  • industrial vehicles: heavy goods, buses, etc.
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The embedded BlaxtairView camera uses IR-Cut technology: infrared LED are activated when visibility is limited and the sensor switches into night vision. In the event of low temperatures, a heating device ensures that the camera works efficiently. A microphone conveys the soundscape outside the vehicle into the cabin.

Case study

On a front-loading forklift, the operator is prevented from moving forward if the load on the forks blocks the forward view. This prevents collisions with objects or people. This automatically forces the operator to maneuver backwards whenever their forward vision is limited. This presents two drawbacks: the space may not always allow for such maneuvering and, moreover, it forces the driver to turn and twist so many times during the day that it may cause musculo-skeletal disorders. Installing a BlaxtairView camera to the fixed part at the top of the mast gives the driver full visibility over the front of the load, making it possible to move forward safely. This improves productivity and safety at the site while also reducing the number of occupational health issues. This also presents the driver with the added advantages of the camera’s infrared lighting and automatic heating when working at night or outside.

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