Your target : zero accidents

The Blaxtair : pedestrian/machinery anti-collision camera

A relevant warning for machinery operators to ensure pedestrian safety

The only one of its kind, the Blaxtair is the only smart camera able to distinguish a person from another obstacle in real time and alert the operator in case of danger. When combined with effective organization and best practices, this reliable and efficient device, composed of a stereoscopic camera, calculator and LCD screen, is THE answer to the safety parameters imposed on companies working in industry, materials handling, recycling, infrastructure construction and quarry or mining.

Blaxtair detection pietons camera
Blaxtair operating principle

THE TECHNOLOGY: recognition of people using image processing

The Blaxtair uses its sensor to continuously scan the blind areas around the machine and reconstruct its environment in 3D.
The identification of the nature of each obstacle is based on powerful video recognition algorithms developed by the French Atomic Energy Commission. If a person is detected in the danger zone, depending on the imminent risk, the Blaxtair gives off a visual and sound signal to alert the driver. A control screen in the cabin allows the driver to judge the critical nature of the situation. 

Blaxtair anticollision system

Case study: industry

On industrial storage sites, forklift trucks often operate near pedestrians, leading to increased risk of collision due to the narrow width of aisles. The operator’s maneuvers must be quick and accurate, while also staying alert to any nearby movement. In these sensitive areas of co-activity, the Blaxtair instantly signals the presence of any people in the machine’s path. Workers operating on foot therefore remain safe. The driver can concentrate on their job, thereby increasing their productivity.