VCAS : badge detection / proximity warning system

Detection by badge

Blaxtair VCAS is a reliable, efficient detection system that warns the machine operator of the presence of a pedestrian or another vehicle inside a precise, customizable area around the machine. The alarm is only activated in the event of a real risk of collision to ensure the operator remains vigilant.

Blaxtair VCAS complements the Blaxtair offer in the event of low visibility or very long-range detection situations.

Detection par badges personnes et engins
Localisation pietons par badges

TECHNOLOGY: dual band radiofrequency

With its Dual band radiofrequency technology, Blaxtair VCAS accurately locates other vehicles and pedestrians through their badges as soon as they enter a precisely defined area around the machine. In the event of a person or another vehicle entering the danger zone, a visual and sound signal will alert the driver (and possibly the endangered pedestrian). The Blaxtair VCAS control screen provides a clear view of the position of other vehicles or pedestrians allowing the driver to react.

Blaxtair VCAS is easy to install onto mobile machinery.

Case study: Gypsum mine

Many vehicles are used in this environment (excavators, loaders, dumpers etc.), there are few people circulating on foot, however sometimes pedestrians work alongside the vehicles. Also, light-duty vehicles are regularly used in the gallery. Every vehicle in operation is fitted with Blaxtair VCAS; pedestrians and light-duty vehicles are systematically provided with a badge. This way, under all circumstances, the machine operator is warned of any other approaching machinery, light vehicle or pedestrian, within a configurable distance.

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