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Goal: Improve Productivity
Goal: Improve Productivity
Thanks to its extensive experience in 3D camera and embedded artificial intelligence, Arcure has demonstrated its ability to design and produce complex and innovative systems since 2009.
Goal: Improve Productivity

In this context, Arcure Blaxtair can become your partner for all or just part of a product: stereoscopic 3D camera, smart camera, artificial intelligence software license, systems, etc. Do not hesitate to contact us to assess the potential benefits of working together.


OMEGA© is an intelligent and robust stereoscopic camera that performs built-in calculations to generate a disparity map, which can easily be converted into a distance map.

Our device is ideal for your applications such as robotic vision, autonomous vehicles, terrain mapping, navigation and object classification.

OMEGA® Solution

Omega can equip any type of driven or autonomous vehicle, even in the most difficult environments, to fulfill the vehicle’s mission, improve productivity or safety, or reduce driver fatigue.

\ Omega® Benefits
Reliable and accurate 3D data
No recalibration
Low latency and power consumption