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Pioneer in the
pedestrian detection market around industrial machinery

Since 2010, BLAXTAIR has been committed to increasing the safety of workers within their working environments. Whether it be in the sectors of recycling, industry, logistics, public works, mines or tunnels, people take risks every day while working around machinery or industrial vehicles. Beyond the human risks, the direct and indirect consequences generate significant costs for companies.

Blaxtair helps HSE and site managers oversee coactivity and reduce the risk of accidents. With Blaxtair, artificial intelligence saves lives.

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  • 3D vision
  • Systems integrator
  • Detection, localization and classification
  • Embedded AI
  • Embedded smart systems
  • Machine & Deep Learning
Blaxtair® has revolutionized the protection of people working in conjunction with mobile machinery by enabling the detection and protection of pedestrians in dangerous areas around industrial machinery.

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Discover all the Blaxtair® solutions according to your business sector: industry, logistics, recycling, public works, mines, quarries, etc.

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\ Blaxtair® solutions
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Discover all the Blaxtair® solutions to increasing safety, autonomy and productivity according to your type of industrial, agricultural or construction site vehicle.

The company has designed two state-of-the-art solutions to meet major challenges :

Pedestrian detection and active accident prevention around industrial vehicles with its Blaxtair® anti-collision devices
• Intelligent industrial 3D vision for the automation of industrial machines with its Omega® solution

Blaxtair is the global leader in industrial safety with its on-board people detection systems designed to prevent collisions between vehicles and pedestrians.

Omega is a robust 3D vision sensor for manufacturers and integrators of intelligent systems for Industry 4.0. Specially designed to operate in the most extreme environments, it is ideal for a multitude of applications.

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\ An international presence

Arcure Blaxtair is active on five continents and its systems are operational in around fifty countries, in every corner of the world. The company is headquartered in Paris, France, with a subsidiary in the United States and sales offices in Germany and Spain. Almost 70% of its sales are generated outside France.

\ Business partners around the world

Arcure Blaxtair relies on distributors to sell, install and provide support for its solutions. This international dimension allows the company to accelerate its presence around the world, to be close to its customers, to better understand any local issues, to facilitate the adoption of products by end-users and to maintain its technological lead.

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