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As a key player in Industry 4.0, Arcure aims to become a world leader in intelligent sensors - key elements in the autonomy of industrial vehicles and physical collaboration between humans and robots or machines.
To this end, the company intends to continue investing to extend its technological lead, accelerate its commercial development and consolidate its operational base. It will therefore strengthen its position as a key player at the heart of the ongoing shift towards autonomous industrial machinery.

With this in mind, the company’s development is based on three pillars: UNDERSTAND customer needs, INNOVATE to maintain a leading position and ESTABLISH A STANDARD for perimeter protection around machinery.

  • Thanks to an exclusive research partnership with the CEA List, Blaxtair sensors make use of cutting-edge developments in image processing and artificial intelligence. Unsurpassed on the market, they give robots the capacity to understand and interpret their environment.


  • The new sensors of this type are already used in a number of environments. They are installed on increasingly multi-purpose, autonomous, industrial machinery, able to carry out complex tasks in complete safety. They are also used in factories and automated work sites that strive today to be more productive while respecting their work crews and their environment.
  • With its industrial and technological partners, Arcure is making the factory of the future a reality for an increasing number of sectors.
\ Listening
\ Respect
\ Commitment

Our commitment to society and the environment is very important to us.

As a member of the French Fab, the company’s products are manufactured entirely in France, which promotes and develops French industrial expertise. Arcure also improves people’s safety and helps them come home from work safe and well by being a driving force in preventing the collision risks. 

Blaxtair strives to develop ever-more sustainable products and makes its staff aware of the need to protect the environment through a charter of good practices that aims to reduce paper and electrical energy consumption as well as optimize waste sorting.


\ CSR Approach
Since 2009, we have been using technology and artificial intelligence to save lives and make the world a safer place. To go further, we also consider the environmental impact in the development of new products.


\ Arcure Charter
MISSION: Raise safety standards and develop technological solutions for safer and more autonomous vehicles
COMMITMENT: Save lives and improve productivity
EXPERTISE: Solution validated in the field by industry leaders
RELATIONSHIP: Trust, professionalism and know-how